Before we fly

Participants need to prepare themselves so that they have an idea about the objectives of the program and knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Intake about your background and motives. How do you see yourself as a manager/leader and what would you like to improve?
  • Before the program starts co-workers have to fill in a management audit of 15 questions. (The outcome will be discussed during the program)
  • An Intention Passport will be handed out to all participants. This passport will contain personal goals and insights. This is a guideline for the participants to turn their intentions into actions.
  • Written explanation about the journey and the travel documents will be handed out as well as information for people who stay at home (Personal and business relations)
  • A book about the Thai culture  will be handed out.
  • Each participant will receive a gift.
  • The Management book ‘Got a Minute?’ will be given.
  • A Personal Color Assessment will be made by the participant