Our goal

Unplug your mind 


Acquiring experience by combining eastern wisdom with western paradigms. The introduction of the eastern wisdom will widen your perspective, which will positively influence your leadership qualities. Your approaches to leadership- and management questions will be more holistic, which will result in a more effective performance.

The goal of this training is to develop your leadership abilities by increasing your strengths while exploring and improving your weaknesses. You will look in the mirror and decide if and what you want to change about yourself. Throughout the process you will be supported and helped by your fellow participants and trainers. Your approach towards leadership challenges will be more holistic and as a result it will inspire co-workers to unlock their own potential (their will & ability’). You and your co-workers will start doing the correct things in an effective way which will make you achieve your targets with more certainty.

The true inspiring leader can let his co-workers reflect on themselves. This reflection will give them the insight that they are the only ones that can unlock their own potential, which will result in a good balance between working and personal activities.
You will be able to make a distinction between the social and the performance side of managing. Both sides are required to achieve effective leadership! Of course we are aware that you have targets to achieve so there will be a link to those targets in each of our program’s steps.