The Program: Unplug your mind

The guideline for this program will follow the 4 intelligences-approach.

The rational intelligence will be used to create our business plans and goals. We will monitor and follow activities and ratios to keep on track.

The emotional intelligence is used to communicate about the content of our strategies with our employees and other people. We create bonds and let people find their potential. This will make them perform better. Furthermore they won’t need other people to motivate them anymore, because they will motivate themselves.

The physical intelligence consists of taking care of our body through exercise, good food and a disciplined life style. We make sure we have the energy to perform on a top-level.

The spiritual intelligence is used for finding the path in life we want to walk and the things that are really important to us. By finding out our true desires we can live our life in a way that leads to fulfilling them, and find peace within ourselves.

Participants should already have knowledge of- and experience with effective and actual techniques to manage co-workers successfully.

The program headlines are:

  • Day 1: Friday Departure from Schiphol with KLM around 18:10
  • Day 2: Saturday Arrival in Bangkok around 12:30. Arrival in The Business Master Class In afternoon. Sharing experiences and expectations
  • Day 3: Sunday Reflection
  • Day 4: Monday The Rational Intelligence
  • Day 5: Tuesday The Emotional Intelligence
  • Day 6: Wednesday No program , you can make your own.
  • Day 7: Thursday The Spiritual intelligence
  • Day 8: Friday The Physical intelligence
  • Day 9: Saturday Flight back from Bangkok 12:15 o’clock / Arrival Schiphol 18:00 o’clock
  • Day 10: Reunion after 6 months . Theme : From knowing to doing.